Alumnae and Alumni

Paul Howard Frampton
Project Professor (from 2009/09/01 to 2010/05/10)

Last Update 2018/05/17

My research interests in theoretical physics include particle phenomenology, theoretical cosmology and string theory. I have worked mostly in particle theory model building beyond the standard model with predictions of new particles such as the axigluon in the chiral color model and the bilepton in the 331 model. Both are examples of additional gauge bosons.

While awaiting the LHC at CERN I have become active in cosmology questions. Cyclic cosmology based on dark energy can avoid the initial singularity associated with the big bang. I have identified all dark matter as intermediate-mass black holes which is fully consistent with all observations. Both of these projects rely on consideration of the entropy of the universe.

I have been fascinated by string theory ever since its earliest days. I was a postdoc of the Japanese theorist Nambu when he invented it!

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