Naoyuki Tamura
Project Associate Professor (from 2016/08/01 )
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Last Update 2018/01/25

I have been working on observational astronomy and instrumentation. These two areas are intimately connected and synergy is essential to better understand the universe by observation.

I started instrumentation when I was a graduate student at Kyoto University. While I was studying the internal variation of stellar population in early- type galaxies to understand their formation and evolution, I joined the development team of "FMOS" (Fiber Multi-Object Spectrograph) for the Subaru Telescope. Later I moved to Durham University (UK) and then to the Subaru Telescope as an instrument scientist, and I continued to play the central roles in the development and commissioning of FMOS, with continuing galaxy evolution studies by observing globular cluster populations and high-redshift galaxies.

Now that FMOS is in science operation as a powerful tool for modern survey astronomy, I decided to move onto a new project to build yet another, much more powerful multi-object spectrograph, namely, SuMIRe-PFS. As a menber of the project office centered at IPMU, I am trying to oversee the instrument development. I am also keen to develop an integral field spectrograph and research new technologies and applications for this.

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