Feng Luo
Project Researcher (from 2015/11/01 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Particle Theory)
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Last Update 2017/12/12 14:54:09

My research interests are at the interface of theoretical particle physics and cosmology. I am especially interested in theoretical models with testable predictions, and I am studying how to describe various physical phenomena within a consistent framework. An attractive framework is supersymmetry, which provides one solution to several fundamental questions. In addition to the intrinsic elegance of the theory, supersymmetry is phenomenological attractive because we can now test it in the Large Hadron Collider and dark matter search experiments, as well as check it against cosmology including Big-Bang nucleosynthesis. I believe a thorough exploration of this framework can guide us to find a clearer path and new directions in looking for beyond the Standard Model physics.

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