Naoki Yoshida
Principal investigator (from 2017/04/01 )
Project Professor (from 2014/04/01 )
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Other Affiliation
Department of Physics, School of Science, The University of Tokyo

Research Field
Astronomy (Astrophysics)
<naoki.yoshida _at_> 

Last Update 2018/05/30

I have been working on a broad range of topics in cosmology and astrophysics. I primarily use large computer simulations. Recent highlights of my work include simulations of star formation in the universe and statistical analyses of large-scale galaxy distributions. The former is for observations using next generation space-telescopes, which are expected to explore the distant universe. The latter study is aimed at optimizing dark energy surveys. At IPMU, I’d like to interact with many people to work on the important questions regarding the nature of dark matter and dark energy. Cosmology is now at a stage where theory can provide accurate and solid predictions, and observations can verify them. I am excited to work in this active research area.

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