Alumnae and Alumni

Chiaki Hikage
Project Associate Professor (from 2019/04/01 to 2022/03/31)
Project Assistant Professor (from 2015/04/16 to 2019/03/31)
Associate Scientist (from 2015/04/01 to 2015/04/15)
Main Affiliation


Last Update 2023/01/10

My research area is observational cosmology. I have used various observational data of cosmic microwave background, galaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing to study the physics in the early Universe, the origin of accelerated expansion in the Universe. I am particularly involved in the cosmic shear analysis using Subaru Hyper-Suprime Cam data. I have also applied different statistics such as Minkowski Functionals, which probe morphology and topology, to the cosmological data to get new insight into structure formation in the universe. The Kavli IPMU is a unique place in which researchers in mathematics, particle physics, and astronomy gather from around the world. I am very excited to work with many researchers in different backgrounds.

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