Chiaki Hikage
Project Assistant Professor (from 2015/04/16 )
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Last Update 2018/05/16

My research area is observational cosmology. I have used the observational data of cosmic microwave background and galaxy distribution to address fundamental questions of the universe such as How did the universe begin? What is the origin of the accelerated expansion in the universe? I have applied different statistics such as Minkowski Functionals, which probe morphology and topology,to the cosmological data to get new insight into structure formation in the universe. I am particularly interested in the SuMIRe project, galaxy imaging and redshift surveys using the Subaru 8-m telescope to perform precision cosmology. The Kavli IPMU is a unique place in which researchers in mathematics, particle physics, and astronomy gather from around the world. I am very excited to work with many researchers in different backgrounds.

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