Masahito Yamazaki
Professor (from 2022/04/01 )
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Other Affiliation
Trans-Scale Quantum Science Institute, The University of Tokyo

Research Field
Theoretical Physics (String Theory)
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Last Update 2024/03/26

The goal of theoretical physics is to uncover fundamental principles governing a vast variety of phenomena in nature, ranging from tiny elementary particles to the whole Universe. As a theoretical physicist working on elementary particle physics, I have been studying quantum field theories and string theories from a number of different perspectives, and have been trying to identify physical and mathematical structures necessary for a better formulation of quantum field theory and for a consistent framework of quantum gravity.
My research areas covers a variety of research areas in particle physics, and sometimes in mathematics, cosmology and statistical physics. Always motivated by my own curiosity, I have been striving daily to deepen our understanding on research topics of my interest. As an example of my recent research, I have been working on a series of projects to understand integrable models (solvable statistical models) and their underlying mathematical structures, from the
viewpoint of quantum field theory.

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