Masahito Yamazaki
Project Assistant Professor (from 2013/06/01 to 2013/08/31)
Project Assistant Professor (from 2014/08/16 )
Todai Postdoctoral Research Fellow (from 2010/04/01 to 2010/08/31) [JSPS Fellow]
Visiting Associate Scientist (from 2013/09/01 to 2014/08/31)
Research Field
Theoretical Physics (String Theory)
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Last Update 2017/12/28 14:07:11

The goal of theoretical physics is to uncover the fundamental principles governing a vast variety of phenomena in nature, ranging from tiny elementary particles to the whole Universe. As a theoretical physicist working on elementary particle physics, I have been studying supersymmetric field theories and string theories from a number of different perspectives, and I am trying to identify physical and mathematical structures necessary for the better formulation of quantum field theory and for a consistent framework of quantum gravity.

I have been recently working on supersymmetric gauge theories in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 dimensions, and in particular exact results and string theory realizations for them. In this approach, the IR fixed points of the theories are characterized by geometrical/ combinatorial structures, such as 3-manifolds, cluster algebras and the cells of the positive Grassmannian. This gives a manifestly duality-invariant formulation of new classes of supersymmetric field theories (with and without Lagrangians), whose properties could be further elucidated with the help of mathematicians. I am excited to join the Kavli IPMU, which provides the ideal interdisciplinary environment for this ambitious research project.

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