Past Admitted Student

Kazuya Yonekura
Project Researcher (from 2015/08/01 to 2018/03/31)
Graduate Student (from 2009/04/01 to 2012/03/31)

Last Update 2024/05/28

Quantum field theory is one of the most fundamental frameworks of physics. It explains almost all the phenomena of physics at short distances via models such as the standard model of particle physics. It also often has interesting relations with mathematics, especially in supersymmetric quantum field theories.

I am working on aspects of quantum field theory and its applications. Recently it has been understood that there are lots of things which cannot be captured by a conventional approach starting from a Lagrangian. Sometimes there are no known Langrangians for some theories which can still be constructed by string theory. In particular, there is no renormalizable Lagrangian in higher dimensions, and hence we need new methods to understand them. I am aiming to understand those new sides of quantum field theory.

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