Alumnae and Alumni

Yen-Ting Lin
Scientific Associate (from 2010/10/01 to 2011/08/31)
Visiting Associate Scientist (from 2010/10/01 to 2011/08/31)
Project Researcher (from 2008/10/16 to 2010/09/30)
Main Affiliation
Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica


Last Update 2023/07/03

I work on galaxy formation and clusters of galaxies. In the cold dark matter paradigm, the formation and evolution of galaxies are strongly coupled to that of the dark matter, and therefore a detailed knowledge of galaxy formation processes may serve as a fundamental check of the underlying cosmological model.

At IPMU, I plan to study 1) the role of mergers and feedback from supermassive black holes in the formation of massive galaxies, 2) the evolutionary connection between the present-day galaxies and those at z=1, using data from the HyperSuprimeCam, and 3) the constraining power on cosmology from galaxy clusters.

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