Hajime Sugai
Project Associate Professor (from 2014/04/01 )
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Last Update 2018/01/25

I have moved from Kyoto University, where key words on my research have basically been astronomical instrumentation and observations of active galaxies in optical/infrared wavelengths. I developed a multi-mode optical spectrograph Kyoto 3DII, which is used at the Cassegrain foci of the Subaru 8m telescope as well as of the UH 88-inch telescope. It has four observational modes, including integral field spectrograph, Fabry-Perot imaging, slit spectrograph, and filter imaging modes. The integral field spectrograph mode enables us to simultaneously obtain the spectra for more than 1000 spatial elements of a target object. I will use my experience here for the development of the Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph, which is a project promoted by IPMU. I used Kyoto 3DII for the research of active galaxies. Examples are clarifying the morphological and kinematical structures of a young AGN outflow, and investigating a lens galaxy mass distribution and line emission region structure of a lensed quasar through observations of a lensed quasar system.

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