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Natsumi Nagata
Todai Postdoctoral Research Fellow (from 2014/04/01 to 2015/08/31) [JSPS Fellow]
Current Affiliation
Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
Assistant Professor


Last Update 2024/06/06

My current research interest is to study the physical observables which are sensitive to physics beyond the Standard Model. In particular, I have been focusing on the direct searches of dark matter, the measurements of the electric dipole moments, and the proton decay experiments, and developed the method of evaluating the contribution of new physics to the corresponding physical quantities. Such an approach based on the precision measurements can be complementary to the collider searches, and in fact the most promising when the scale of new physics, such as supersymmetry, is somewhat higher than the electroweak scale, as is suggested by the null result at the early stage of the LHC running.

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