Shigeki Matsumoto
Professor (from 2019/08/01 )
Principal investigator (from 2017/04/01 )
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Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
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Last Update 2019/10/02

The dark matter problem of the universe is very important not only for particle physics but also astrophysics and cosmology. Thanks to recent cosmological observations, the existence of dark matter has been established, however, its nature has not been revealed yet. I have researched the nature of dark matter from the viewpoint of new physics at the TeV scale. To be more precisely, I have studied how dark matter can be detected in collider experiments (LHC and ILC) and detection measurements based on several new physics models such as the supersymmetric model, the little higgs model with T-parity, and the universal extradimension model. As an advanced topic of these studies, I would like to establish a method to clarify the nature of dark matter in a model-independent fashion. In addition to the topic related to dark matter, I am also planning to study the first order phase transition and the non-equilibrium dynamics of elementary particles in the early universe.

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