Edwin L Turner
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2015/07/01 )
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Main Affiliation
Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University

Research Field
Astronomy (Astrophysics)
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Last Update 2023/01/25

My recent research interests are focused on exoplanet studies, astrobiology, astro-statistics and the origin of life problem in a cosmological context. Much of my past research has been in the area of classical cosmology with substantial concentrations on gravitational lensing phenomena, quasars, cosmic structure formation and determination of the fundamental parameters of the standard FLRW world model. In most cases my efforts involve both theoretical and observational techniques and are frequently located at the intersection of the two; they also often employ Bayesian and/or nonparametric statistical tools. I am still involved in cosmological research at a modest level, particularly via the SuMIRe project. Finally, a small component of my time is devoted to issues in epistemology and the limits of reductionist science.

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