Werner Tornow
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2013/04/01 )
Main Affiliation
Department of Physics, Duke University

Research Field
Experimental Physics (Neutrino Physics)
<tornow _at_> 

Last Update 2023/01/31

I have been involved in reactor anti-neutrino oscillation studies and geo-neutrino detection with KamLAND, and search for zero-neutrino double beta decay of 136Xe with KamLAND-Zen.

In addition, I am one of the four originators of the Majorana Project which searches for zero-neutrino double-beta decay of 76Ge. I have also been working on two-neutrino double-beta decay experiments on 100Mo, 150Nd and 90Zr to excited final states in the daughter nucleus, as well as on searches for the resonance enhanced double-electron capture of 164Dy.

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