Ippei Obata
Project Researcher (from 2022/10/01 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics
<ippei.obata _at_> 

Last Update 2022/11/21

I am a theoretical physicist, who is interested in high-energy physics that goes beyond the StandardModel of elementary particles and fields. More precisely, I have been studying new physicsthat violates parity symmetry, such as the physics of axion-like particles. My research interestsare divided broadly into two areas: (i) the generation mechanism of chiral gravitational wavesin the early universe, and (ii) photon's birefringence effect due to the axion in thelate universe. I have developed novel ideas for detecting these parity-violating signatures withongoing/upcoming observations such as the cosmic microwave background (CMB), gravitational-wave detectors, and the resonant cavity experiments for the axion dark matter.

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