Alumnae and Alumni

Yin Li
Project Researcher (from 2019/04/01 to 2019/09/29)
Project Researcher (from 2017/04/01 to 2017/09/30)
Project Researcher (from 2016/04/01 to 2016/09/30)
Current Affiliation
Peng Cheng Lab., Company
Research Scientist


Last Update 2024/01/26

My research interests lie in constraining fundamental physics and cosmology using the largescale structure of the universe, given the wealth of information contained in current and upcoming surveys. Recently I have been focusing on studying the impact on the large-scale structure probes due to matter distribution that goes beyond the survey scale, known as the super-sample effect. This novel effect introduces additional covariance in the data, and requires new parameters to be introduced when extracting cosmological information. I am looking forward to continuing exploring this and other projects with Kavli IPMU researchers, while seeking to form new collaborations on a broader range of topics.

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