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Ipsita Saha
Project Researcher (from 2022/06/01 to 2022/09/12)
Project Researcher (from 2018/11/16 to 2022/03/31)
Current Affiliation
Madras, Department of Physics, Indian Institutes of Technology
Assistant Professor


Last Update 2024/04/17

My main focus of research lies in studying the phenomenology of beyond the Standard Model physics in the post Higgs discovery era. Specifically, I am interested in finding the Higgs and electroweak symmetry breaking properties of models based on gauge and scalar sector extension of the SM. I have worked on the detection prospect of such models at the recent LHC and future high energy colliders. I would like to continue research in this direction. I have also worked on Dark Matter models in the light of various direct and indirect dark matter detection experiments. My current interest involves the detection possibility of such Dark Matter scenarios at the current and future colliders.

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