Kiyoto Yabe
Project Researcher (from 2015/04/01 )
Research Field
<kiyoto.yabe _at_> 

Last Update 2021/02/26

My research interests revolve around the formation and evolution of galaxies. I have tackled this topic from observational aspects. I am particularly interested in various properties of star-forming galaxies at redshift around 2, where star-formation in galaxies is in the most active phase. Near-infrare (NIR) spectroscopy is necessary to examine detailed properties of galaxies at this redshift. I have been involved with the FMOS project, which is a fiber multi-object spectrograph of the Subaru Telescope, and NIR spectroscopic surveys by using FMOS. With this experience, now I am working on the PFS project, which is a new instrument of the Subaru Telescope and led by the Kavli IPMU.

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