Alumnae and Alumni

Kevin Allen Bundy
Visiting Associate Scientist (from 2016/09/05 to 2024/03/31)
Project Assistant Professor (from 2011/09/16 to 2016/09/04)
Current Affiliation
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California, Santa Cruz
Assistant Professor


Last Update 2024/05/21

I am excited to be part of IPMU not only because of its innovative and stimulating environment but also because of the leading role IPMU and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan is taking in pursuing advanced new astronomical surveys of the Universe. My work focuses on the study of galaxy formation, where we seek to unerstand the physical processes that develop small density fluctuations in the early universe into the rich and beautiful structure of galaxies we see today. The SuMiRe survey program that IPMU is developing for the Subaru Telescope will mark a major milestone in this endeavor by charting the evolving properties of nearly 1 billion galaxies in an unprecedented volume of the Universe. With such a powerful survey, we will discover and quantify new patterns of evolution that will tell us how the complexity of galaxies today originates in their growth, interactions, and transformations over the last 12 billion years.

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