Alumnae and Alumni

Young-Kee Kim
Principal investigator (from 2017/04/01 to 2022/03/31)
Main Affiliation
Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics , The University of Chicago


Last Update 2022/11/21

I am an experimental particle physicist. I have been devoting much of my research to understanding the origin of mass for fundamental particles. My group measured the mass of two of the most massive particles (the W boson and the top quark) at the Tevatron’s CDF experiment, providing information about the mass of the Higgs boson, discovered at the LHC in 2012. In recent years, my focus has been to (i) find a deeper understanding of the nature of the Higgs, (ii) search for new physics using the Higgs as a new tool, and (iii) search for a new messenger particle that couples to dark matter, using the ATLAS detector at the LHC. Achieving these goals requires significant improvement of detectors and triggers. My group has been working on the new tracking trigger that has more capability and flexibility than the current trigger system. In addition, my group is exploiting novel concepts in accelerator science and technology, studying limitations affecting the acceleration and intensity of particle beams at a fundamental level, and developing new approaches to overcome these limitations. I am a member of the particle and accelerator physics group at the University of Chicago and a member of the Kavli IPMU.

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