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Jian Jiang
Project Researcher (from 2019/04/01 to 2022/03/31)
Current Affiliation
Department of Astronomy, University of Science and Technology of China
Project Researcher


Last Update 2024/05/10

I am primarily interested in understanding the origin and explosion physics of extragalactic transients, particularly type Ia supernovae, by carrying out survey observations with wide-field survey facilities. I am the principal investigator of the "MUltiband Subaru Survey for Early-phase SNe Ia" ("MUSSES"), which focuses on the early photometric behavior of type Ia supernovae discovered by Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC). Recently I am also interested in studying fast transients with days, hours or even shorter timescale by using the first wide-field CMOS camera in the world, the Tomo-e Gozen Camera, mounted on the 1.05-m Kiso Schmidt telescope.

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