Alumnae and Alumni

Joshua Armstrong Eby
Project Researcher (from 2020/11/13 to 2023/09/10)
Current Affiliation
Department of Physics, Stockholm University


Last Update 2023/09/11

I am broadly interested in observable consequences of well-motivated theories of physics beyond the Standard Model, with a focus on axion-like particles as dark matter. In the recent past, I have concentrated on astrophysical probes of dark matter, which in the current era are powerful, data-driven, and can potentially distinguish between models even in the case where dark matter possesses only gravitational couplings to ordinary matter.

In the case of axions, I am especially interested in how they may form bound states in the early universe, giving rise to astrophysical signals like radio-frequency bursts, or rare transient signals in terrestrial detectors; and how axions may be captured in the center of galaxies or within solar systems, leading to persistent dark matter overdensities and unusual observational signatures.

And on the observational side, I'm interested in how existing detectors can exploit directionality, modulation, and network effects to probe novel dark matter model space.

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