Alumnae and Alumni

Jason Lott Evans
Project Researcher (from 2009/09/16 to 2012/09/15)
Current Affiliation
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Associate Professor


Last Update 2024/06/03

My research is in the area of high energy particle physics; more specifically, phenomenology and model building. I am interested in finding models that can naturally explain things such as the hierarchy problem. A great example of this is supersymmetry, which in addition to solving the hierarchy problem, also is suggestive of grand unification. I am also interested in examining possible collider signatures for these types of models. Because most models that explain the hierarchy problem are at the TeV scale, they should be testable at the LHC. Although supersymmetry is my primary focus, I am interested in any beyond the standard model physics which is testable at the LHC and/or in astrophysical observations.

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