Alumnae and Alumni

Tuan Khai Bui
Project Researcher (from 2021/04/01 to 2023/03/31)
Current Affiliation
International Center for Quantum-field Measurement Systems for Studies of the Universe and Particles, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


Last Update 2023/04/17

My research interests lie in some of the open questions in physics and the challenging low-background experiments searching for rare events, including dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay. Dark matter is one of the most critical issues in particle and astrophysics. Only a small amount of the universe is made of visible matter, and the remaining of the universe is made of “unknown” substances called dark matter and dark energy. The observation of dark matter must be a breakthrough to understand the universe. Also, I find myself interested in hardware and software developments to improve detector performance. In the next two years, I join the IPMU team to contribute to the development of the XENONnT detector towards the first detection of direct detection of dark matter.

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