Clement Leloup
Project Researcher (from 2022/10/01 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
<clement.leloup _at_> 

Last Update 2023/08/29

My main research interest is to connect experimental/observational data with theoretical predictions in cosmology, but not only as I used to work also in particle physics. I am currently in the LiteBIRD collaboration where I contribute to the preparation of the mission in order to achieve the expected scientific output. I am also part of various working groups of the collaboration, preparing forecasts of LiteBIRD's constraints in many areas of cosmology: reionization and massive neutrinos, cosmic birefringence, cross-correlations with other probes and inflation. I am very curious about all scientific topics and happy to broaden my scope, so feel free to tell me about your work and/or ask me about mine.

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