Masashi Hazumi
Project Professor (Cross Appointment) [特任教授] (from 2014/05/01 )
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Other Affiliation
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies , High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Research Field
Experimental Physics (High Energy Physics)
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Last Update 2024/06/06

I am excited to start working concurrently for Kavli IPMU and KEK. I am an experimental physicist. My research focuses on fundamental laws of elementary particles and space-time. Until 2007, I worked on accelerator-based particle physics experiments, including the Belle experiment at the KEK B factory where I discovered CP violation in B decays with my colleagues. I then became interested in experimental tests of cosmic inflation. Establishing a new group at KEK, I am now working for the POLARBEAR project with researchers at UC Berkeley, San Diego and other institutions. POLARBEAR, which is deployed in Atacama, Chile, is an instrument designed to measure polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

At Kavli IPMU, I plan to promote the LiteBIRD satellite project, which aims at CMB polarization measurements with the ultimate precision. My hope with LiteBIRD is to scrutinize cosmic inflation and shed light on quantum gravity behind it.

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