Alumnae and Alumni

Masayuki Tanaka
Project Researcher (from 2010/01/01 to 2013/03/31)
Current Affiliation
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Associate Professor


Last Update 2022/11/21

The Universe hosts a multitude of galaxies. Some have red colors, while others have blue colors. Some galaxies have beautiful spiral arms, while others do not. Properties such as colors and shapes are closely linked to where the galaxies are located. A galaxy cluster, in which many galaxies lie close to each other, is dominated by red galaxies without any clear arms. In contrast, isolated galaxies are typically blue with beautiful arms. Astronomers have yet to understand why galaxies have their own favorite places in the Universe. I am observing the Universe using telescopes all over the world in a bid to find a clue to this long-standing question.

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