Alumnae and Alumni

Benedetta Vulcani
Project Researcher (from 2012/10/16 to 2015/10/15)
Current Affiliation
INAF, OaPD, National Institute for Astrophysics
Scientist (permanent staff)


Last Update 2024/05/30

My major research interest is to understand the most important factors that drive galaxy evolution through cosmic time, trying to disentangle and quantify the importance of galaxy mass, redshift and environment. I have been focused on characterizing the history of stellar evolution and structure development of galaxies in different environments, by tracing the star formation rate, morphology and total stellar mass of galaxies at different redshifts. In addition, I am particularly interested in understanding how the galaxy stellar mass distribution can be affected by the environment in which galaxies reside, contrasting the role of the global and local environments.

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