Alumnae and Alumni

Hiroshi Karoji
Project Professor (from 2010/06/01 to 2017/03/31)
Project Researcher (from 2010/04/01 to 2010/05/31)
Current Affiliation
Gradute University for Advanced Studies
Professor Emeritus


Last Update 2023/07/04

My job at IPMU is clearly defined: to manage the SuMIRe Project under the direction and leadership of Hitoshi Murayama, designated as PI of one of the 30“ FIRST” initiatives, a new funding program of the Japanese government to promote world-leading R&D in science and technology (see here).

I come from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan’s Subaru Telescope, which has been my workplace for more than twenty years. I was involved in the development and construction of the entire telescope and all of its instruments, and later in its scientific operations. I feel most honored to have worked among those who ensured the success of this giant fiagship of basic science in Japan.

I believe this is the reason why Dr. Murayama recruited me to realize two huge instruments that will be mounted on Subaru, namely HSC and PFS, referring respectively to ultra-wide field imaging and a multi-object spectrograph. These instruments are essential tools if we are to, "uncover the origin of the universe and its future by exploring dark matter and dark energy” (the SuMIRe rationale).

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