Khee-Gan Lee
Project Assistant Professor (from 2018/03/01 )
Research Field
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Last Update 2023/08/29

Khee-Gan Lee, commonly known to his colleagues as“K.G.”, is an observational cosmologist originally from Malaysia. His primary research interest is on studying the large-scale distribution of gas and galaxies in the distant Universe. Since this “cosmic web” reflects initial inhomogeneities that were laid down immediately after the Big Bang, his research helps constrain the fundamental physical parameters of the Universe. In particular, his speciality is in tomographic 3D mapping of hydrogen absorption during the “Cosmic Noon” period 10 billion years ago. He is an experienced observer with the Keck telescopes, and is helping plan future spectroscopic surveys using the Prime Focus Spectrograph on the Subaru Telescope. His shoe size is 26.5cm and his favorite color is blue.

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