Naoyuki Tamura
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2023/05/01 )
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Other Affiliation
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Hawaii

Research Field
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Last Update 2024/02/14

I have been working on observational astronomy and instrumentation. These two areas are intimately connected and synergy is essential to better understand the universe by observation.

I started instrumentation when I was a graduate student at Kyoto University. While I was studying the internal variation of stellar population in early- type galaxies to understand their formation and evolution, I joined the development team of "FMOS" (Fiber Multi-Object Spectrograph) for the Subaru Telescope. Later I moved to Durham University (UK) and then to the Subaru Telescope as an instrument scientist, and I continued to play the central roles in the development and commissioning of FMOS, with continuing galaxy evolution studies by observing globular cluster populations and high-redshift galaxies.

After FMOS started its operation for scientific use as a powerful tool for modern survey astronomy, I decided to join a new project to build yet another, much more powerful multi-object spectrograph, namely, Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS). As a member of the PFS project office centered at IPMU, and as the PFS project manager, I have been trying to oversee the instrument development. The instrument development is now in an integration and test phase, and one subsystem is already under commissioning at the Subaru telescope site. Aiming at a timely start of PFS operation for scientific use and subsequent large survey program, I will continue to devote myself to this project working with the members at IPMU and the other participating institutes in the PFS collaboration.

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