Alumnae and Alumni

Amir Babak Aazami
Project Researcher (from 2013/01/16 to 2016/01/15)
Current Affiliation
Department of Mathematics, Clark University
Associate Professor


Last Update 2023/06/08

My research interests revolve around spacetime singularities, black holes, and gravitational lensing. Spacetime singularity theorems are regarded as statements about physics, but they are also purely mathematical: they help to classify geodesically (in)complete Lorentz manifolds. One of my goals is to arrive at a deeper geometric understanding of this classi.cation, as well as a deeper geometric understanding of the relation between a spacetime singularity and a black hole. Beyond this, I am interested in the phenomenon of magni.cation in gravitational lensing. I am delighted to join Kavli IPMU, because it encourages interdisciplinary pursuits such as these.

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