Takeo Higuchi
Associate Professor (from 2016/07/01 )
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Research Field
Experimental Physics (High Energy Physics)
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Last Update 2018/02/23

I have been involved in a high-energy experiment “Belle”, and have proved the Kobayashi-Maskawa theory, which is one of the pillars of the Standard Model (SM). Most behaviors of the elementary particles are known to match well to the SM. On the other hand, our Universe comprises yet-unanswered mysteries by the SM, like grand unification, dark matter, and the like. Most physicists believe that the SM is a low-temperature approximation and the mysteries may be answered by a new physics beyond the SM applicable to a much higher-temperature Universe. To elucidate the structure of the new physics, we upgrade our accelerator luminosity by a factor of 40 than Belle, because we expect new-physics signatures should be very faint. In Kavli IPMU, we also contribute to the experiment through technical works by establishing an assembly procedure of a“ silicon vertex detector”, which determines particle decay positions in O(10μm) accuracy, together with relevant software development.

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