Alumnae and Alumni

Chang Kee Jung
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2013/09/01 to 2018/11/29)
Project Professor (from 2013/01/16 to 2013/08/31)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/09/24 to 2012/09/28)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/08/19 to 2012/08/24)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/07/01 to 2012/07/27)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/05/28 to 2012/06/15)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/04/19 to 2012/05/12)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/02/26 to 2012/03/30)
Scientific Associate (from 2012/01/11 to 2012/02/01)
Current Affiliation
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University
SUNY Distinguished Professor


Last Update 2024/07/18

My current research interests and activities are focused on the following two areas: experimental search for proton decays- a direct evidence for (grand) unification, and measurements of neutrino properties, in particular CP violating phase, that may eventually lead us to resolve the matter-antimatter asymmetry mystery in the universe. I have been pursuing these goals through my participation in the Super-Kamiokande, K2K and T2K experiments. I will also participate in the future experiments to pursue these goals further. In addition I am very much interested in detecting neutrinos from supernovae, search for neutrino-less double beta decay and search for dark matter. I currently serve as International Co-Spokesperson of the T2K collaboration. Nature kindly gave us the non-zero neutrino mixing angles in order for us to be able to probe CP violation in the lepton sector. May Nature be kind to us again and provide us with a large CP violation!

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