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Charles Milton Melby-Thompson
Project Researcher (from 2012/09/01 to 2015/09/20)
Current Affiliation


Last Update 2023/01/10

Anisotropy has recently arisen in several contexts in theoretical physics. My prior research with Petr Horava dealt with Horava-Lifshitz gravity, a theory of dynamical spacetime whose anisotropy makes power-counting renormalizability possible, and in part my current research applies ideas from this work to obtain a broader understanding of quantum gravity and holography. Current research topics include: holographic duals of field theories with anisotropy and their relation to Horava-Lifshitz gravity; Weyl and other anomalies in anisotropic theories; and three- dimensional quantum gravity. My broader interests include string theory and mathematical physics, but I am always ready to try something new.

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