Alumnae and Alumni

Tanmay Neelesh Deshpande
Project Researcher (from 2012/11/01 to 2015/11/30)
Current Affiliation
The School of Mathematics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


Last Update 2024/05/24

My current research interests are in the study of the structure of certain tensor/fusion categories and the theory of character sheaves on unipotent groups. Let G be an algebraic group over a feld of positive characteristic. We consider the family of .nite groups formed by taking points of G with values in various finite felds. The goal of the theory of character sheaves is to understand the representation theory of these finite groups in terms of the geometry of G (in terms of l-adic sheaves). Character sheaves for reductive groups were studied by G. Lusztig, and inspired by this work, V. Drinfeld initiated the study of character sheaves on unipotent groups. My work focuses on this theory and the study of various fusion and modular categories that arise naturally in this theory.

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