Alumnae and Alumni

Tomoko Morii
Project Researcher (from 2017/04/01 to 2020/03/31)
Project Academic Support Specialist (from 2013/11/16 to 2017/03/31)

Last Update 2023/11/10

I am producing the silicon vertex detector (SVD) for the Belle II detector. In the Belle II experiment, we will search for new physics from the deviation between the standard model and the result of experiment using a large amount of data. For this purpose, it is necessary to precisely measure the decay points of particles, and the SVD is a very important detector for it. At Kavli IPMU, I have been involved in the production of the SVD. Development of the SVD took time due to its complicated structure, but in the spring of 2016 we started to mass-produce them. If things go smoothly, it will be installed in the Belle II detector around the fall of 2018, and we will start taking data around the end of 2018. I would like to start research on new physics using the Belle II experiment data after mass production of the SVD.

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