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Jonathan Maltz
Project Researcher (from 2013/09/16 to 2015/09/17)
Current Affiliation


Last Update 2023/01/10

My fields

String/M theory

String/M-theory aims to provide a full-fledged theory of quantum gravity which would provide a unified quantum description of all phenomenon from the smallest particles in quantum mechanics to the overall workings of the universe. Understanding this set of ideas may very well shed like on age old questions like where did we come from? What caused the big bang? And how the universe formed and works and came to be.

My work has focused on formulations of de Sitter space and early universe cosmology, through FRW-CFT and dS-CFT, and my interest include Mathematical physics, Liouville theory, and Non-Critical String Theory. I continue on in my research career I find my work extending into the formulation of M-theory and the web of Dualities that tie the various string theories together, various aspects of Matrix models and I am also working on Vasiliev Higher Spin Gravity as well as its relation probing new limits of the AdS-CFT correspondence. I have a research interested in the non perturbative aspects of field theories and M theory.

In the end I suppose I have very broad research interests which include anything High Energy Physics or Mathematically related. I found time and time again how seemingly disparate elements of these two spheres of knowledge are intrinsically linked, and I am eager to see what new connections there are to find. It is my goal to tease and uncover as much about the workings of the world as I able. I think the IPMU is the perfect place for my first postdoc as it continues the interdisciplinary and multi varied research experience that I had in my graduate studies at Stanford. I feel it will be a great place for me to grow as a scientist.

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