Alumnae and Alumni

Shamik Banerjee
Project Researcher (from 2014/04/16 to 2016/02/29)
Current Affiliation
School of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research
Associate Professor


Last Update 2024/05/14

My main research interest is string theory and field theory. My recent work focuses on entanglement entropy. Entanglement entropy has applications in many branches of physics starting from black holes to quantum critical phenomena. It is also an emerging tool in field theory. I am trying to develop new non- perturbative techniques for calculating entanglement entropy in field theory. I am also interested in holographic, or, more precisely, AdS-CFT duality. It gives us a host of exact results for entanglement entropy, and one of the motivations for developing new techniques is to explain these results from the field theory side.

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