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Yasuhito Sakaki
Todai Postdoctoral Research Fellow (from 2016/04/01 to 2016/09/30) [JSPS Fellow]
Current Affiliation
Applied Research Laboratory, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Assistant Professor


Last Update 2022/11/21

Though the Standard Model in particle physics describes microscopic phenomena very well, it is not perfect. My research focuses on how we examine physics beyond the Standard Model using information derived from collider experiments to its fullest extent. I am especially interested in creating methods using information, e.g., the internal structure of quark and gluon jets which are copiously produced in high-energy experiments. Precise understanding of the quantum chromodynamics describing jet properties and the data related to the internal structure of jets are needed to improve these methods. In order for methods using detailed jet properties to become standard in future experiments, I think it would be necessary to demonstrate their usability in many cases.

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