Sergey Blinnikov
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2014/01/17 )
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Main Affiliation
National Research Center “ Kurchatov Institute”, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Research Field
<sergei.blinnikov _at_> 

Last Update 2022/11/21

Currently, I work mostly in supernova theory and collaborate with K.Nomoto on Superluminous supernovae and other peculiar objects. When I was a PhD student and a postdoc at Ya.B. Zeldovich group in Moscow, we have discovered coronas above accretion disks (together with Gena Bisnovatyi-Kogan). In 1980s I moved to ITEP and pioneered on first cosmological applications of Mirror Matter (with M.Khlopov) as a model for Dark Matter and on the prediction of a short Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) in merging neutron star binaries (NS+NS). After the discovery of GW/GRB170817, some attention was made to above which was the first to predict a GRB in NS+NS merger, but not for more important aspect where we have obtained the GRB Eiso<1e47 erg, its spectral range 10-100 keV, and maximum velocity of ejecta c/3. We were rather pessimistic having the prediction of such a weak GRB and a faint supernova. But all those numbers are actually observed for GRB170817A and what is called now a kilonova!

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