Chengcheng Han
Project Researcher (from 2015/09/16 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics
<chengcheng.han _at_> 

Last Update 2018/08/15

My research interests include the following: (1) Higgs physics. I study Higgs physics at the colliders, predicted by various new physics models like supersymmetry and little Higgs theory. (2) Phenomenology of supersymmetry. I examine various direct and indirect experimental constraints on the new physics models, and study their phenomenology at colliders like Tevatron, LHC and ILC. I also perform MC study for searching new particles at the colliders. (3) Dark matter, especially the dark matter physics in low energy supersymmetry. I interpret cosmic dark matter as the LSP in supersymmetry, and try to explain the Planck relic density and other detection results, then analyze the implications of the phenomenology at the colliders.

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