Yuki Moritani
Project Researcher (from 2015/04/01 )
Research Field
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Last Update 2017/12/12 14:54:10

I am a new postdoc from Hiroshima University. I was a development member of optical and nearinfrared astronomical instruments such as Subaru/ FMOS, the Kyoto University 3.8m Telescope, and the Hiroshima 1.5m Kanata telescope/HONIR. Now I am in charge of the PFS project, mainly planning the commission of the instrument. My research interests also lie in high-energy binaries (X-ray binaries and gamma-ray binaries), which are comprised of a compact object and a star. By monitoring the optical counterpart, the star, in these binaries, I probe the nature of the interactions and the relationship between the stellar activity and high-energy phenomena.

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