Masamune Oguri
Visiting Senior Scientist (from 2022/02/01 )
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Other Affiliation
Center for Frontier Science, Chiba University

Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
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Last Update 2022/11/21

A recent development in cosmology has revealed that the universe is filled by unknown components called dark matter and dark energy. My main research interest is to explore the properties of these dark components from astronomical observations. In particular, I make use of gravitational lensing phenomena to tackle this problem. While I initially started my research career as a theoretical astrophysicist, I had the opportunity to have my theoretical prediction confirmed by my own observation, which was exciting enough for me to begin observational research using various survey data and telescopes. So far I’ve worked mainly on gravitational lens searches in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data and its theoretical implications. At IPMU, I’d like to engage in the SuMIRe project, a wide-field survey using the Subaru telescope. I can’t wait to see the new picture of the universe that the survey will bring us.

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