Tomomi Sunayama
Project Researcher (from 2016/10/01 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
<tomomi.sunayama _at_> 

Last Update 2018/09/10

My research interests lie between theory and observation related to cosmology. In particular, I am interested in how we can use galaxies to explore dark energy, dark matter, and early universe physics. During my Ph.D., I studied how to construct galaxy mock catalogs using large N-body simulations as well as some cosmological probes using galaxies such as the baryon acoustic oscillations (known as a“standard ruler”) and redshift-space distortions. These research projects provided me with appreciation for the interplay between theory and observation. Increased survey volumes in upcoming galaxy surveys such as PFS (using the Subaru telescope) will enable us to measure cosmological parameters with much better precision and I think that this is a really interesting time for cosmologists.

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