Shao-Feng Ge
Project Researcher (from 2017/10/16 )
Research Field
Theoretical Physics
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Last Update 2019/08/08

I have been mainly working on new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics, including neutrino, dark matter, collider, and electroweak symmetry breaking models. Recently we proposed the TNT2K (Tokai and Toyama to Kamioka) experiment in Japan for better CP measurement with neutrino oscillation. It’s a combination of T2(H)K and muon decay at rest part (muSK or muHK), using the same SK or HK detector. This configuration can significantly improve the CP phase uncertainty for the currently preferred maximal CP, remove degeneracy, and increase statistics. In addition, it can guarantee CP sensitivity against non-orthodox models, such as nonstandard interactions and non-unitarity mixing. I hope this proposal can be finally realized and help Japan to win the competition of measuring the leptonic Dirac CP phase.

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