Alumnae and Alumni

Atsushi Yagishita
Project Assistant Professor (from 2018/02/16 to 2024/05/31)
Current Affiliation


Last Update 2024/06/30

I have years of experience as a medical doctor and in clinical research. Inspired by this experience, I now work in chemical biology, where several fluorescent probes were synthesized. These fluorescent probes can detect stem cells (cells like“QUEEN BEE”) including cancer stem cells in vitro. In Kavli IPMU, the probes will be converted into radioactive probes aiming for in-vivo imaging. Thus far, the microstructure of the internal body of living animals and humans cannot be visualized. However, our team will make it possible to visualize the microstructures of living animal tissues using the radioactive probes and a newly developed detecting device in which a hard X-ray/gamma-ray detector, which was developed for use in space observation, is incorporated.

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