Alumnae and Alumni

Henry W Sobel
Principal investigator (from 2007/10/01 to 2017/03/31)
Main Affiliation
School of Physical Science, University of California, Irvine


Last Update 2022/11/21

My physics interests are focused primarily on tests of conservation laws and studies of fundamental interactions between particles. Historically I have focused on studies of the neutrino and the search for nucleon decay. I also have a significant interest in astrophysics and cosmic rays. My current research consists of the continuation of the Super-Kamiokande experiment and preparation for the long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, T2K. The multi-detector experiment T2K currently under construction is likely to be the first neutrino oscillation experiment to discover a non-zero θ13 via appearance of electron neutrinos. It is optimized to detect electron neutrino interactions at the precise energy of maximum muon neutrino disappearance. This experiment will test what seems to be the only small angle in the neutrino mixing matrix. In addition, this experiment will precisely A possible second.mixing is not fully maximalthe first evidence that the largedisappearance and may findmeasure muon neutrinoθ23 phase of the experiment, with upgraded beam and far detector, may be able to discover leptonic CP violation. In the first phase of this experiment, due to begin in 2009, Super-Kamiokande will be the far detector target. The newly rebuilt SK must be calibrated and understood before the beam begins. In addition, I am involved in the planning for a new deep underground laboratory in the U.S. called DUSEL, for “Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory.” My primary interest in this laboratory is the possibility of constructing a next generation nucleon decay detector.

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