Takahiro Nishimichi
Visiting Scientist  (from 2019/10/23 )
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Main Affiliation
理学部 , Kyoto Sangyo University

Research Field
Theoretical Physics (Cosmology)
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Last Update 2023/12/26

The standard model of our universe has been established precisely following the rapid progress in astronomical observations. However, the nature of the two dominant ingredients in the energy budget of our universe, namely, dark matter, which governs the evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe and affects the motion of galaxies, and dark energy, which was introduced to explain the cosmic acceleration in the late-time universe, remains to be a mystery. Likewise, at the early stage of the universe, the cosmic inflation is an elegant solution to various cosmological problems, though its physical origin is yet unclear and various possible mechanisms have been proposed. Ongoing and future gigantic galaxy survey projects are expected to give some clues to these fundamental problems. The "big data" cosmology based on such projects requires unprecedentedly accurate theoretical models, realistic numerical simulations on which we test the analysis methodologies, and advanced statistical techniques with which we extract as much information as possible. My study aims to fill the gap between observation and theory by tackling these issues. On the theoretical side, I have been working on the propagation of information contained in the cosmic large-scale structure based on accurate gravity simulations and new analytical calculation methods, while I am also devoted to the development of more practical statistical tools applicable to observed data.

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