Alumnae and Alumni

Minxin Huang
Project Researcher (from 2009/09/01 to 2012/08/31)
Current Affiliation
Interdisciplinary Center for Theoretical Study, University of Science and Technology of China


Last Update 2023/06/20

My research explores various aspects of the AdS/ CFT correspondence, including giant gravitons and pp-waves. I also study topological string theory. Topological string theory counts the number of holomorphic curves in Calabi-Yau space, a problem of great interest in the mathematics of algebraic geometry. Finally, I am interested in the applications of string theory to cosmology and particle physics. Some of my recent works with collaborators study the non-Gaussian feature in the anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in various inflationary models inspired by string theory constructions.

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