Alumnae and Alumni

Yogesh Kumar Srivastava
Project Researcher (from 2009/09/01 to 2010/07/15)
Current Affiliation
Department of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research
Associate Professor


Last Update 2024/05/15

Black Holes provide an intriguing arena in which to explore the challenges posed by the interplay of general relativity and quantum mechanics. String Theory has successfully explained Bekenstein- Hawking entropy in terms of statistical degeneracy associated with different brane configurations. Initial comparisons were made using only the Einstein- Hilbert action (i.e., neglecting higher derivative and quantum corrections in the string effective action) on the macroscopic side and considering large charge limit on the microscopic side. Recently, I have been interested in extending the agreement to include the corrections. I am also working on constructing actual microstates for string theoretic black holes.

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